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HVAC Mechanical Engineer (Complete Guide 2023)

hvac salary

Mechanical engineering is a broad field involves the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of machines and systems. In mechanical engineering, HVAC is a specialised area that deals with the design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems.You can start your career as hvac mechanical engineer, hvac design engineer, thermal engineer hvac,etc

Mechanical Engineering HVAC

HVAC engineer can work on many different aspects of HVAC, as following:

Designing HVAC systems: In order to design an HVAC system that meets the needs of a specific building or application, professional engineers are using their expertise in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Ex. hvac designers.
Installing HVAC systems:The mechanical engineer also install a HVAC system which involves assembling the equipments, connecting them to one another as well as ensuring that they are working properly.
Maintaining HVAC systems: Mechanical engineers can do maintainance of HVAC systems, which involves inspecting the system for leaks, making repairs, and replacing defective components.Ex. air conditioning engineer, thermal engineer hvac.

A bachelor's degree in hvac mechanical engineer is usually required for mechanical engineers working in the HVAC industry. Some companies, like the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers, ASHRAE for instance, may also ask their employees to hold a master's degree or certification from a professional organisation.There are lots of opportunities if you want to become a mechanical hvac engineering. You'll be able to work for a HVAC equipment manufacturer, a building or service company that installs the HVAC system. You can also work for a consultant or set up an enterprise yourself.Above aspects are nothing but hvac engineer job description.

hvac salary

Mechanical Engineering In HVAC Salary

HVAC mechanical engineering in the United States are paid an average salary of $87,320 per year. Salary of a mechanical engineer vary according to post, experience, company, employer, etc. Salary by years of experience, level, and locations are given below for understanding.

Salary by years of experience

Level Experience Avg Salary
Entry-level less than 5 years $65,000
Mid-level 5 to 10 years $80,000
Senior-level 10 to 15 years $100,000
Executive-level more than 15 years $120,000

Salary by level

Level Salary Experience
Project engineer $75,000 3 to 5 years
Senior project engineer $90,000 5 to 10 years
Manager $105,000 10 to 15 years
Director $120,000 more than 15 years

Salary by top states

States Salary
California $95,000
Texas $85,000
Florida $80,000
New York $85,000
Pennsylvania $80,000

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