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6 Week HVAC Training (Complete Guide 2023)

6 Week HVAC Training

The field of HVAC is growing more in 21st century, there is a strong demand for experienced persons related to this sector. HVAC systems play an important role in controlling indoor temperature for both commercial and residential purpose. There are many new technologies are discovered in hvac systems, so there is need of well tranied, skilled experts who can handle difficulties while work with hvac systems and equipments. As result of this, need for HVAC training emerged and this is best way to start your career.

Best 6 Week HVAC Training Courses

These are some best hvac technical training are avilable in United States. There are many other programs avilable both in person hvac training and hvac training online. Choose best Hvac technician training program for you.

Course Provider Cost Rating
HVAC Technician Training Program Universal Technical Institute (UTI) $12,995 4.7/5
HVAC Fundamentals Penn Foster $2,495 4.6/5
HVAC Certification Training National HVAC Institute (NHVI) $1,995 4.5/5
HVAC Fundamentals and EPA 608 Certification HVAC School Online $1,495 4.4/5
HVAC Technician Training HVAC Education Center $1,295 4.3/5
6 Week HVAC Training

6 Week HVAC Training Online

Following are some of the best hvac online training programs are avilable. By simply searching 6 week hvac training near me you can get best traning programms near you.These programs are affordable, time flexible, offer access to a variety of resources.

Courses Duration
Penn Foster includes 9 courses and 23 exams
Cuesta College includes 12 courses
SkillCat includes 300+ hours of training on EPA 608 certification
HVACRedu includes 256 hours of training
Preppy's HVAC Training includes 100 hours of training

Covered Topics in 6 weeks program

These fast paced hvacr training contains following topics

1. Introduction to HVAC
2. history of HVAC
3. types of HVAC systems
4. basic components of HVAC systems
5. How to install, maintain, and repair HVAC systems
6. Principles of Thermodynamics (Heat transfer,Pressure and volume,Work and energy)
7. Refrigeration(types of refrigerants,refrigeration cycle,safety procedures for working with refrigerants)
8. Electrical Systems(Basic electrical concepts,Electrical safety,Wiring diagrams)
9. identify and troubleshoot HVAC problems
10. Hands-on Training
11. EPA 608 Certification

Benefits of 6 week hvac training course

A hvac training online free can be an best way of starting a career in the HVAC sector. benefits of 6 week hvac training course are as follows

1. You will learn the basics of HVAC systems and how to install, maintain, and repair them.
2. You will receive hands-on training, which will give you extra edge while interview and you can earn higher salaries
3. You can take part in the EPA 608 certification exam.
4. Preparation for EPA 608 certification
5. Cost-effective courses
6. Online or in-person courses, online hvac training
7. Improve your job prospects
8. Enjoy a rewarding career


Are you still confused to select which hvac training will be right for you ? Regardless of which program you choose, any air conditioning training in hvac can help you to increase your career opportunities and attract higher packages. You can select hvac training program based on your career ambitions, education, experience. if you are just starting in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry then hvac training programs and hvac tech training may be more appropriate for you. If you want to work in certain area of HVAC sector then hvac job training is more appropriate for you. Best way to get a list of hvac training school by simply searching hvac training near me on google, bing or yahoo platforms. If you want free hvac training then there are many educational videos and blogs are avilable on internet. By free online hvac training you can save money and learn at your own pace.

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