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Commercial HVAC Salary (Complete Guide 2023)

Commercial HVAC Salary

The average base salary for HVAC commercial salary in 2023 is,

$56,330 per year
$31.85 per hour

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for commercial hvac technician was $56,330 in 2023. However, these salaries can vary depending on experience, level, and location. These jobs are in high demand, as the demand for HVAC services is expected to increase in the coming years. These article gives you good idea of what salaries you expect for different levels of experience. Read the complete article for more details.

Salary by experience

Breakdown of the average commercial HVAC technician salary by years of experience is given below

Years of Experience Average Salary
0-2 years $52,000 per year
2-4 years $59,600 per year
4-6 years $68,100 per year
6-8 years $77,200 per year
8+ years $87,750 per year

Salary by Level

Breakdown of the average commercial HVAC technician salary by post level is given below

Experience Level Salary Range
Entry level $57,084 per year
Intermediate $63,736 per year
Senior $69,952 per year
Manager $87,750 per year

Salary by State

Following table shows the average commercial hvac tech salary by state in the USA.

State Average Salary
Alaska $73,460 per year
Hawaii $71,820 per year
Washington $69,090 per year
Massachusetts $68,380 per year
District of Columbia $67,540 per year
Minnesota $66,810 per year
California $66,530 per year
New York $65,940 per year
Pennsylvania $65,710 per year

High Paying Companies

Some of the high-paying companies for HVAC commercial include:

Company Avg salary
Johnson Controls $70,000 per year
Carrier $70,000 per year
Trane $75,000 per year
Daikin $72,000 per year
Honeywell $68,000 per year
hvac technician salary

Commercial HVAC technician job description

Mostly, commercial service technician have the following job roles and responsibilities

1. Installing, maintaining, and repairing HVAC systems Performing preventative maintenance
2. Educating customers about HVAC systems
3. Communicating with customers to resolve customer complaints
4. Working with other technicians
5. Operating and maintaining HVAC controls
6. Working in confined spaces

Job roles and responsibilities of commercial hvac specialized service technician can be vary according to size of company, experience, etc.

Education Requirements

Some of the educational requirements to become commercial HVAC technicians are as follows:

1. High school diploma or equivalent
2. Associate's degree in HVAC
3. Apprenticeship typically last four years
4. On job training typically lasts for one to two years

Best Courses for HVAC commercial

There are many best courses available that can teach you the skills, need to become a commercial hvac installer. Some of best courses given below.

Course Program cost
HVAC Fundamentals $11.99
Commercial HVAC Design by ASHRAE $299
HVAC Controls by LinkedIn Learning $299
HVAC Certification Prep by ACCA $199
HVAC Apprenticeship by HVAC School

Required Licenses

To work as an hvac commercial service, you will need to be licensed in most states. The requirements for license can be vary from state to state. so you can choose one that is right for you. Some of must required license you need to work with hvac systems are as follows

1. EPA Universal Refrigerant License
2. NICET HVAC Level 1 Certification
3. State HVAC License
4. ASHRAE Certified HVAC Technician
5. NATE Certified HVAC Technician

Commercial vs residential HVAC

The difference between commercial and residential hvac are as follows:
1. Size of hvac system
2. Placements of units
3. Complexity of hvac system
4. Mechanism of HVAC Units
5. Maintenance and cost of hvac units
6. Type of drainage in hvac units


Commercial hvac service technician with best skills, knowledge, experience are always in high demand and can earn a good salary. If you want to get higher salaries, then career in hvac can become a good option. with right education, traning and guidence you can start career in this field.

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